​RED Technologies and Sony Corporation complete SAS to SAS interoperability tests to enable advanced wireless services using CBRS and future 5G spectrum sharing

Wednesday 13th September, 2017

Paris, France—September 13, 2017—Today, RED Technologies and Sony Corporation, two active members of the Wireless Innovation Forum and prospective SAS Administrators, successfully completed SAS to SAS interoperability tests on their platforms, illustrating their readiness for the 3.5 GHz CBRS band in the United States as well as for future spectrum sharing frameworks such as those envisioned for 5G. These frameworks provide coordinated interference protection and management, protecting incumbent services while supporting both Priority Access Licenses (PAL) and General Authorized Access (GAA) commercial services.

RED Technologies and Sony Corporation each propose a cloud-based solution allowing automated lower tier network reconfiguration to secure priority access for primary users, showing global carriers, cable operators, internet service providers and verticals that a tailored, cost-effective means of accessing the new CBRS 3.5 GHz band is on hand now.

“Operators and service providers that first use CBRS shared spectrum stand to gain market leadership with groundbreaking, revenue-generating cellular-grade services,” said Michael Abitbol, managing director and co-founder of RED Technologies. “Born from the innovation that spectrum scarcity triggers, RED Technologies has an intimate understanding of global spectrum-sharing models and dynamics”.

Background on spectrum sharing over the 3.5 GHz band

Recently approved by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the CBRS 3.5 GHz band provides access to 150 MHz of shared spectrum to meet the rapidly growing demand for wireless network capacity. The framework provides for shared commercial access to spectrum that is currently used by government and commercial incumbents. By introducing the coordination function of the spectrum access system (SAS) and protection function of the environmental sensing capability (ESC), CBRS protects the incumbent operations, providing for new commercial access on both an exclusive and permissive basis.

About RED Technologies

RED Technologies is a leading developer of innovative spectrum management. The company’s SASlive solution offers a secure SAS infrastructure housed in the cloud and an advanced request management process, managed by a secure web portal that addresses all FCC requirements and operates a high quality of service based on stringent key performance indicators. RED Technologies has filed for SAS Administrator status.

In Europe, RED Technologies is the premier enabler of Licensed Shared Access (LSA) with its LSAlive cloud-based solution, already piloted with global telecoms players across major European terrains.

About Sony Corporation

Sony Corporation is a leading manufacturer of audio, video, game, communications, and information technology products for the consumer and professional markets. On December 21, 2016, the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau and Office of Engineering and Technology in FCC conditionally approved Sony Corporation as one of Spectrum Access System (SAS) Administrators in the 3550-3700 MHz band.


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