RED Technologies demonstrates live SAS in 3.5GHz at ETSI’s Radio Virtual Machine & Security for Multi-RAT Reconfigurable Systems workshop

Friday 11th March, 2016

The European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) hosted RED Technologies to demonstrate the effectiveness of its Spectrum Access System (SAS) solution in the 3.5 GHz band on 10 March 2016. The live demonstration took place in Rennes, France during ETSI’s Radio Virtual Machine & Security for Multi-RAT Reconfigurable Systems workshop hosted by bcom and attended by major global carriers and equipment manufacturers. This demonstration (for which RED obtained the necessary authorization to use the 3.5GHz spectrum) represents another important step towards the wide-scale adoption of new spectrum sharing approaches.

SAS is one of two[1] ground-breaking new ways of securely sharing spectrum. It employs a three-tiered approach for sharing licensed spectrum in the 3.5 GHz band and is designed for use by US carriers and ISPs seeking to share the spectrum of the US navy or other public service incumbents.

The test-bed includes a multi-tier 3.5 GHz RAN operating in the 3550MHz – 3700MHz frequency band and managed by RED Technologies' latest SON and SAS servers. The shown use cases cover 2nd Priority Access Licenses (PALs) and 3rd General Authorized Access (GAA) tier spectrum evacuation upon primary user detection with automatic radio network reconfiguration.

“With this new milestone which will lead us to a live experimentation with our industrial partners in the US in 2016, we position RED Technologies as the first company worldwide able to offer dynamic spectrum sharing solutions addressing both LSA and SAS frameworks.” Said Michael Abitbol, Managing Director of RED Technologies.

“Spectrum sharing is a springboard for 5G network evolution and, as such, is a core focus of carriers globally. Our solutions are both a product and enabler of path changing new methodologies for dynamic spectrum sharing,” said Pierre-Jean Muller, CEO of RED Technologies.

RED Technologies’ solutions have the potential to radically and rapidly secure further wireless market growth worldwide, supporting positive change at many levels of our economy and society.

For this demonstration, RED Technologies used Athonet’s Cloud Mobile Core and Baicells latest 3.5 GHz Small Cells.

[1] The other being Licensed Shared Access (LSA)

About RED Technologies
RED Technologies is a leading developer of innovative new spectrum management and advanced self-organizing network solutions needed for the implementation of the Licensed Shared Access (LSA) approach to spectrum sharing in Europe, the Spectrum Access System (SAS) in the United States and zero touch Radio Access Network (RAN) installations. As an active member of ETSI, 3GPP and Wireless Innovation Forum, RED Technologies contributes to the standardization of LSA and SAS.

The company currently has two live pilots running, one in Italy deployed with FUB, Nokia, Poste Mobile and Qualcomm, and one in France, deployed with Ericsson and Qualcomm.