City of Rome pilots LSA with RED Technologies

Monday 6th July, 2015

Europe is testing Licensed Shared Access (LSA) to prepare for further mobile growth

The award-winning French start-up RED Technologies, a leading developer of innovative new spectrum assessment and management technologies, is working with with the European Commission and Italian Ministry of Economic Development to enable a ground breaking spectrum sharing pilot in Rome. The pilot exploits a recently devised spectrum sharing solution called Licensed Shared Access (LSA).

LSA has the potential to rapidly and securely release high volumes of licensed spectrum for commercial mobile operator use globally thereby enabling market growth, competition and innovation. The fact that LSA is being piloted in Italy with France set to follow, is a breakthrough for Europe. RED Technologies is also heavily involved in the preparatory works for the upcoming French LSA pilot in close partnership with the ‘Agence Nationale des Fréquences’ (ANFR).

The Rome LSA Pilot is intended to be a field test of LSA technology provided by RED Technologies, for wireless broadband telecommunications in the 2.3-2.4 GHz band. The results from the pilot may be reported at the Milan EXPO 2015.

RED Technologies is providing radio environment maps and database solutions that allow the pilot team to evaluate and plan the LSA deployment, localize zones for spectrum sharing geographically and minimize the likelihood of interference between the incumbent and the LSA network. RED Technologies is delivering these solutions in partnership with the European Commission and Italian Ministries of Economic Development and Defence, the Fondazione Ugo Bordoni and Poste Mobile in Italy, Qualcomm Technologies Inc., Nokia, Cumucore and Fairspectrum.

“Spectrum shortage is a serious threat to reaping the economic and social returns of mobile innovation and use. Our solutions unlock the potential of the LSA model, enabling government and industry to meet spectrum demand in a way that effects rapid, lasting and far-reaching industry change,” said Michael Abitbol, Managing Director of RED Technologies.

The European Commission’s ‘Digital Single Market’ initiative is about creating the right conditions for flourishing technology adoption and innovation in Europe. One fundamental condition is the availability of enough, high quality spectrum.